The Primary School

The Primary grade is always filled with exciting activities and events. These are the foundation years, where we help to instill the right values and a strong sense of responsibility and ethics in all our students. Students learn meaningful lessons through events like a healthy food week, world environment day, mother’s day, father’s day, etc. Neat and careful work is encouraged and all good attempts are praised and valued. Students are provided with a wide range of techniques covering formal problem-solving skills, open-ended investigatory situations and observatory skills are developed to extend their thinking process. Throughout the primary years, the student is supported in reaching his full potential in all areas of the curriculum. The student is encouraged to acquire attitudes and skills which will support his education in the future years. Subjects at the Primary School Level:

  • English, French
  • Mathematics, Science, PSHCE, Social studies (for Arabs&non-Arabs), Geography & history
  • Arabic (for Arabs& non-Arabs)
  • Islamic studies (for Arabs& non-Arabs) /Moral Science ( for non-Muslims)
  • ICT, Art & Design & Music

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