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The BIPS promotes an inclusive and compassionate community of students, faculty,staff, administrators and parents. We honor and embrace diverse identities such as age, culture, ethnicity, family structure, gender and gender identity, group affiliation, national origin, physical and mental ability, race, religion and socio economic status.

Because diversity enriches the exchange of ideas, we foster a physically and emotionally safe environment in which different experiences, thoughts, and opinions are respectfully expressed and respectfully heard. Such an environment allows every individual to thrive in and contribute to our global community.


54 nationalities – from Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, UAE, Iraq, Sudan, Kenya, India, Philippines, Bangladesh and Canada, to mention a few that represent the majority.

A strong team of 40 students make up “Student Council” and supports everyday school operation. They have leadership training sessions every fortnight on Wednesday to enhance their leadership skills. BIPS pledges to serve the society by giving fine-tuned and disciplined leaders of the future.





22 nationalities from different parts of the world. Subjects in English are taught by qualified and MoE/Cambridge certified teachers from Asia and Europe. The Arab native speakers for Arabic, Islamic studies and Social studies are MoE approved.



Admin Staff

a team of qualified and trained admin staff supports the school operation efficiently. Our Filipino bus attendants and classroom assistants have been well appreciated by parent community. The ancillary staff is committed to keep the school campus clean and environment friendly.


A 12 member committee of Parent Council works closely with the school management and the advisory team to support the holistic developmental plan and wellbeing of the children in a school environment conducive to learning and growing.

Parent volunteers are encouraged to participate in children’s’ learning programme, they support well designed classroom assistance plan to enhance learning process and be there to attend to needs of children lagging behind.

Parent participation programme is well supported by parents having expertise in the area of early years of learning, health, child psychology, dentistry, art and craft, ICT and SEN experts.

This has been especially rewarding for children to have a unique experience to socialize and have different learning atmosphere with the parents. This has been a very successful strategy tested by time and modern research educationists.




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