Covid Taskforce


COVID-19 Task Force has been created as mandated by the Regulators. This task force includes members from the following departments within the school concerned for: building & facilities, health & safety, school clinic medical staff, communication and partnerships with parents, student affairs. The School COVID-19 Task Force would be responsible for all the precautionary measures for the schools’ reopening. The Task Force conducted a risk assessment to ensure that the school is ready for reopening.

The Task Force has designated a team of school health and safety officers (H&S) which will be responsible for handling any emergency health situation, following up and monitoring the implementation of health and safety procedures. This team is also responsible for the designated isolation room within the school premises

To ensure all health and safety guidelines prescribed by concerned health authorities, are in place prior to school reopening and to ensure effective communication, risk assessment and training are in place to handle all possible scenarios.

The health and safety of students at Brilliant International Private School is of great importance
Covid-19 Task Force Team Members

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