Diala Khalifeh

Diala was appointed the FS2 and Yr1 Supervisor of Brilliant International Private School in October 2018. Diala has a Bachelor degree in English literature from Damascus university and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education Cache level 3 diploma for the early years workforce (Earl years educator ) ,

Prior to BIPS, Diala has had 8 years of experience as a KG Supervisor in Dubai and Sharjah and 1 years of experience as a head of department in Dubai. She has a tremendous opportunity every day to make a difference in the lives of their employees and create a positive, fulfilling work atmosphere. She has Create a profound ripple effect in their organizations. Their behavior, integrity, and treatment rubs off on others for the better.

She enjoy working with Children and be a mentor and an advisor that helps them getting over their worries and concerns.
Shas he a goal to help people having an optimistic view to life, improving their self-esteem and believing that life’s problems are not the end of the road and should strengthen them seeking a better life.
Diala also Syrian National basketball player since 1995, and she enjoy playing basketball and coaching kids.

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