Arshiya Syed, leading ICT department, having a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application (BCA) and Certified in Artificial Intelligence, with 8 years of experience in teaching ICT and passionate about fostering computer literacy and academic excellence. She worked as Quality Assurance in software testing for a year. Arshia started her teaching career at GEMS Westminster School Sharjah as ICT Teacher –Secondary year group.  She has been teaching in Brilliant International Private School since August 2016. Arshia has been enthusiastically participating in school activities which gives her enriching experience both academically and professionally. Working for BIPS has inspired her to accelerate her creativity and take on educational leadership positions.

Arshia’s vision is that students will obtain innovative, dynamic, creative, and educationally enriching institutions of positive-driven learning. She thrives to execute her lessons effectively engaging students, ensuring their learning. Passionate about developing lifelong learning skills, impact learning with project and skill-based applications. Her focus on the student’s ability to collaborate, communicate, and solve problems and strong digital literacy skills.

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