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Brilliant International Private School was founded in 2011 with 60 students. Within 3 years the journey school showed a 101% growth and reached substantial figure as 807 students. The numbers speak the truth of the growing reputation of BIPS in the world of international education. The growth of EYFS by its very merit of success, was duly acknowledged by the parent’s community and no wonder we were exhausted with the space to accommodate growing inquiries for registration.

In the Early years the modern, stylish furniture setting of the primary section with interactive teaching gadgets gave a professional international standard, which was enhanced by interactive resources used for effective teaching. The swimming classes & co-curricular activity clubs are a major attraction for students of all age groups in the primary section. 

As we mark the 12th year of stability and growth, we look back in amazement to see significant physical growth from 60 to over 1350 students.  This is the recognition of BIPS dynamic effort to give the taste of global learning experience. By our affiliation to Cambridge University and adopting the very popular ‘Cambridge Primary Programme’, we have grown in international standard.  Our students are taking two checkpoint examinations and they have qualified for the Cambridge lower secondary checkpoint examination’ that was launched in 2017. This was a challenging journey to encourage Middle Eastern non-native English speakers to attempt an international benchmark assessment as early as the age of 12. Of course, without your wholehearted support, none of these could have been possible.

Parents have been watchful and curiously witnesses of these amazing 10 years. Their constructive criticism and consistent encouraging helped us look through their eyes and achieve the goal that was not easy to attain. We must say; BIPS has been blessed with many educated and thoughtful parents who have been building the reputation of this school as one of the best schools across the region.

This is just the start of the next part of our journey.  The school will be driven by innovation and preparing every one of our students for the world of the future.  We look forward to you being part of this and shaping our future story

The introduction and adoption of Cambridge Primary Curriculum in 2012 has rewarded this section an edge over all other primary schools. In collaboration with Cambridge, BIPS has designed its own curriculum framework, the assessment scheme for both parents and teachers to promote an international standard of teaching as well as performance assessment of students.

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