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We’re thrilled to welcome you back to BIPS. Bipsites is committed to nurturing a sense of belonging among its students, staff, and families. Each generation of students played an important role in shaping our school, which we deeply value.

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We’re thrilled to welcome you back to BIPS. Bipsites is committed to nurturing a sense of belonging among its students, staff, and families. Each generation of students played an important role in shaping our school, which we deeply value. BIPS Alumni aims to maintain, and in some cases, reignite, the wonderful friendships and relationships forged at our school. Discover how BIPS has evolved while retaining its traditions and sense of community. As our past students pursue their future endeavors in the adult world, BIPS will always be a place where they can return.

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Zannatul Naiem
Esmu Khairul Basaer
Syeda Gullaain
Shah Bokhari
Rohina Zakir
Zakir Ullah Mian
Imran Saleem
Muhammad Saleem
Hafsa Shakeel
Shakeel Nasim
Tayyeb Bilal


I am Abeera Kamran. I have joined in BIPS in 2013-2014 and passed out in AY 2018-19 after the completion of Grade 11. Currently I am persuing Food and Nutrition Course in Manipal University after the completion of A level. The days I spent at BIPS are some of the brightest days of my life. I was able to find an inclusive, tolerant and opportune environment that facilitated the simultaneous growth of both academics and social aspects. I enjoyed the multitude of cultures and uniously sat together as friends, harbouring no bias to one another. The faculty at BIPS provide students with the guidance and space to develop themselves into the best version of themselves. We are proud to be Bipsites. The school is a prestigious and prosperous place where we learn, think and grow together

Abeera Kamran

Meeting new people and listening to new ideas makes me happy. The privilege of being exposed to a wide range of cultures and prospectives present throughout the BIPS community has greatly enhanced my outlook on what it means to be a global citizen and gives me the confidence needed to move on to the next stages of my life A focus on Academics wrapped in a great deal of warmth is evident throughout all Areas of BIPS. Currently I am doing Chemical Engineering in Manipal University after the completion of AS Level.

Fatima Zia

BIPS stands with its pride of my individuality to uplift the moral support of the student’s success and happiness to stimulate noble educational culture. The teachers have helped me to polish my skills. All mentors at BIPS are so motivating and positive, no matter what the situation may be, they always stand by us at any point if we get stuck while solving a problem. For any building, its base is much important. Considering the same for any student. The understanding of basic things is very important. The school provides the perfect combination of mental and physical development I would like to thank BIPS to add such memories and value in my life.

Sanoober Nasib

Being in BIPS has been a tremendous journey of experiences. I have been in BIPS since 2015 and have learnt a lot. Studies have been so much fun here, cooperation of teachers makes it even more interesting. After the completion of Grade 11 at BIPS I have completed A level and currently doing bachelors in Australia. BIPS always encourages student’s talents and even support students to bring out his/her talent in all possible manner. The infrastructure of the school is well maintained and it is hygiene too. After spending 4 years in BIPS, I can confidently say that BIPS is perfect school not only for academics but also for overall development.

Muhammed Abed

I passed out from Brilliant International Pvt School in the year of 2018-2019 and I joined in Heriot Watt University for the Foundation Course. The University did grow on me and made me a part of it the very minute I joined. Currently I am a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student in the same University. All in all, I have nothing but the kindest words for BIPS, the school that cemented my growth. The teachers are incredible and each child is treated with the utmost care. Teachers are deeply invested in the success of students. They are really amazing at expressing moments of pride they see in us, our good behaviours and accomplishments and they understand the necessity of involving the parents if an issue arises if an issue arises, and they do so in a very courteous and approachable manner. BIPS manifests the culture of equality. Always proud to be a bipsite.

Haidar Shah

We would like to Thank You all the Teachers who continuously giving extra effort and support for Jaebriel specially in the beginning when everything was new to him. We really appreciate the feedbacks and continuously communications between parents and teachers of the development of our son so we can guide him as well in terms of his studies and behavior. As parent of Jaebriel, we are happy for all the support of the Teachers and the Learning System of the School. We found that at least we can see his eagerness to go to school and not seeing him crying anymore. He started to understand the importance of going to school. We hope that very soon he will be one of the very good students that makes everyone proud, specially us. Again, our appreciation and thanks to Teachers and to the School.

Jaebriel's Parent

Since we moved into the UAE, we found a lot of schools for my son from Google search. But I had my own preferences because I needed the best Education for my child. When I searched, I realized with google reviews and the productive comments about Brilliant International School. I was certain that BIPS is the best option for the future of my child.

Ayuka's Father

As a student at BIPS, I have had the privilege of encountering extraordinary learning opportunities and experiencing the most engaging and effective classes with teachers, along with the support of the best school staff to assist us in every possible way. Besides education, they have provided a peaceful and cooperative environment in school. As an alumnus of BIPS, I am immensely grateful for the invaluable contributions of BIPS to my educational journey. I am looking forward to beginning my journey of studying medicine at Tbilisi State Medical University.

Imran Saleem

Now, we close this chapter and open a new one. My time at Brilliant International Private School has granted me knowledge, resilience, and a thirst for success. Let's remember that our education continues, and our potential is limitless. As alumni, we carry the spirit of excellence and the power to inspire. Congratulations, fellow graduates! Embrace the future with pride and purpose. Together, we'll achieve greatness and success.

Hafsa Shakeel Siddiqui

Being a student at BIPS has been an absolute blessing. The school has provided me with extraordinary learning opportunities that have enriched my educational journey profoundly. The engaging and effective classes, coupled with the exceptional guidance of our dedicated teachers, have made my learning experience truly remarkable. Moreover, the supportive and cooperative environment at BIPS has fostered a sense of unity and collaboration among students, creating a conducive atmosphere for growth and development. I cannot express enough gratitude for the invaluable contributions that BIPS has made to my education. It is a place where I have not only gained knowledge but also formed lifelong friendships and created unforgettable memories. BIPS truly stands out as an institution that goes above and beyond to ensure the success and well-being of its students. I am proud to be a part of such an exceptional school.🎓🙌


Brilliant International Private School holds a special place in my heart. The years I spent at this exceptional institution were transformative. The commitment to academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, and a nurturing environment set it apart. The teachers at BIPS School went above and beyond, providing guidance and mentorship that shaped my character and aspirations. They were inspiring mentors who ignited my passion for the sciences, pushing me to excel. The values and knowledge instilled in me during my time there continue to guide my path. I'm grateful for the memories, friendships, and education I received, which have been instrumental in shaping my journey beyond high school. As an alumna, I can confidently say that BIPS equipped me with the knowledge, values, and skills to succeed in a competitive world. It's truly an honor to be part of this institution's legacy.


I am an alumna of Brilliant International Private School and can confidently assert that my time and experience here were transformative. In addition to providing me with a solid academic foundation, the school instilled in me the importance of persistence, leadership, and community involvement. The guidance of our beloved principal, Ms. Asifa, was always there at every step of my educational journey. The passionate and kind teachers at BIPS went above and beyond to foster our intellectual curiosity and inspired us to pursue our goals with their excellent teaching and guidance. BIPS is not just a place of education; it's a place where dreams are nurtured, and futures are shaped. I am delighted to have graduated from this outstanding school, and I carry the knowledge I've gained with me. I am also appreciative of the lifelong connections and friendships I have made here, as well as the support from my classmates that have helped me along the way. BIPS also encouraged us to explore our passions and hobbies through extracurricular activities. There was always an opportunity for me to excel and grow, from sports to the arts. These activities taught me teamwork, discipline, and the value of commitment. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the principal, all the teachers, staff, and fellow students at BIPS for making these years truly memorable. The lessons I learned here extend far beyond the classroom, and I am excited to see what the bright future holds for me on my life journey.


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