Principal’s Message

Welcome Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Brilliant International Private School.

Here at Brilliant we believe high performance is an attainable target for everyone. We strive to develop both intellectual and social confidence, encouraging students to show concern for others and to prepare for life’s challenges. For us, success is not limited to exam results, it is about achieving academic excellence alongside a much wider set of values and attitudes. The recent Pandemic has only highlighted how our communities enrich our lives and the BIPs community welcomes all wishing to be part of it.

We want all students to develop key Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAA).


Seeking out opportunities to receive responses to work, to present their own ideas to others clearly and concisely and to listen to and act upon the views of others.


Overcoming setbacks and remaining confident, focused, flexible and optimistic.


Being able to keep going, to face obstacles and difficulties but never give up.

Creative and Enterprising

Being open-minded and flexible in thought processes; demonstrating a willingness to innovate and invent new and multiple solutions to a problem or situation; adapting approaches according to need and being resourceful.


Being curious, proactive and thinking independently.

As we move towards the next academic year, we can reflect on how many changes have occurred. Technology has been key to delivering during these difficult times and we will never go backwards with its use to enhance the learning of our students. Our Parents are key to the next stage of development at Brilliant, moving towards High Performance Learning. Clear Curriculum alignment and tracking for each individual student is key to this partnership and instant access at any stage is now a real possibility; no waiting for Termly reports.

Within my 18 years as a teacher and leader, I have never seen such a rapid development in education. The team here at Brilliant embrace it and will continue to enhance the learning of all under our care.

We look forward to seeing you in the future.


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