BIPS Photograph Consent Form

Photographic and online Consent Form

At Brilliant International Private School, we take the issue of child safety very seriously and this includes the use of images and film footage of students under the age of 18.

BIPS online platform for teaching is Google Classroom. All lessons are recorded and posted into Google Classroom. Children are encouraged to post photographs of themselves and their achievements.

Occasionally, we may take photographs of the children at BIPS.   We use these images as part of our school displays and sometimes in other printed publications like the school calendar. We will also use them on our school website and social media pages.

If we use photographs of individual students, we will not use the full name of that child in the accompanying text or photo caption. If we give a full name to a pupil in the text, we will not use a photograph of that child to accompany their article. We will ensure that images are culturally sensitive and pupils are covered to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately.

From time to time, our school may be visited by the media, who will take photographs or film footage of a high profile event. Children may appear in these images, which will sometimes be published in local or national newspapers, or approved websites. BIPS will seek consent again before any photographs are published.

We need your permission before we can photograph or make any recording of your child. Please answer the questions below, then sign and date the form where shown, and return the completed form to school.

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