curriculam At Brilliant, we follow the British curriculum which is broad-based, relevant and balanced. Great emphasis is placed on planning the curriculum, so that there is continuity and progression, challenge and pace. A major part of the curriculum is Cambridge British curriculum, which consist of Core Subjects: English, Maths, Science, ICT Foundation Subjects: Arabic, Religion, French, PSHEC, Geography, History, Art and Design, Music and PE The children in our Foundation Stage Class, follow the Early Years Curriculum (continuing from their Early Years provision), and the curriculum for Key Stages One and two is firmly based on the requirements of the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum. Key stage three and four is lead to to the IGCSE programme of Cambridge University.

The school is organised into four stages:
Foundation Stage:
It includes Foundation/Reception children and Years 1 and 2.
Foundation children are those children who start in the September at the age of 3.
Key Stage 1:
Consists of grade one and two. Pupils in Year 1 are 5 -7 years old and pupils in Year 2 are 6-8 years old.
Key Stage 2:
It is divided into 4 classes. Grade three has Years 7 and 9. Pupils in Grade four are 8-10 years old and pupils in Grade five are 9-13 years old. Grade six has children between 11-14-year ages.
Key stage 3:
It includes Grade 7, 8 and 9 with age group 11-15, 12-16 and 13-17 respectively. For year, 2012-13 are open till grade 7 only.
Grade 8, 9 and Key stage 4 (grade 10-11) will open for registration in following years.The aim is to develop a creative, whole-school approach to work and while older and younger pupils may be engaged in different curricular activities, we allow opportunities to share, appreciate, develop, learn from and celebrate each other's achievements.
The children are taught the British Curriculum. The core subjects of English, Maths, Science and ICT, are given emphasis to help the children to develop a depth of knowledge and understanding and to gain skills in these areas. There are objectives or goals setting out what children should know and be able to do at each stage in their schooling. These objectives are called Attainment Targets. For each subject, there are descriptions of what the children should be taught to help him/her to achieve the Attainment Targets. At the same time,we try to organise the foundation subjects so the children are able to link and connect their thoughts and learning experiences,covering Arabic, religion,PSHEC, History, Geography,ICT, Art, Music and PE.  

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