Mohamed Rashad

I have a BA Hones degree in Arts and Education with a specialism in (Arabic and Islamic Education) this has been awarded to me after 4 years of rigorous intensive teacher training. In addition to my degree, I am also a proud active member of the International Federation group for the Arabic Language.
Presently I am a UAE Ministry accredited Head of Department and Arabic teacher with 8 years of valuable experience, leading a team of 20 teachers guiding and mentoring academic professionals to deliver the UAE MOE curriculum for Arabic and Islamic Education as a First and Second language.
As a skilled and professional practitioner, I have excellent subject knowledge as well as extensive primary and secondary teaching skills that have allowed me to deliver fun engaging lessons with exceptional classroom management.
As a member of the new SLT team, my main focus will be on 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 from the MOE framework (Attainment, Progress and Learning Skills). In Arabic and Islamic Studies.


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