Mohammed Khalaf

Mohamed Khalaf has been a part of BIPS since 2018. He joined the school as the Counselor. He remained in this position until 2019. Then he moved in to Boys Supervisor position. In his current role, Mohammed became the primary point of contact and the official source of communication between parents and the school.
Prior to BIPS, Mohammed had 6 years of experience as a Counselor in Sharjah. He is a team player and has collaborated effectively with all stakeholders in building a comprehensive development of the Personal, Social, Moral, Material and Academic goals of his students.
Mohammed obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is also constantly improving himself through Professional Development Courses.With over one decade of administration experience, Mohammed has a demonstrated commitment to a diverse and innovative approach as a leader and strives to foster high expectations among staff and students through increased individual achievement and a commitment to excellence.

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