Asifa Sultana


Asifa Sultana


Mrs. Asifa Sultana has been in the field of education for the past 22 years. She joined Brilliant International Private School in September 2021.

Her educational background includes a Master of Science Degree in Zoology and Bachelor of Education Degree. Her interest to excel in the field of quality education has led her through various roles, from that of a teacher, subject coordinator, supervisor and Vice Principal in sister concern school of the same group.

A motivated high energy educator with a solid commitment to the profession, institution, and to the social and academic growth, and holistic development of every child Mrs. Asifa has actively involved in all areas of education, including curriculum planning and development across the phases, assessment patterns, learning styles, teacher mentoring, and innovative and latest pedagogical practices.

A seasoned teacher trainer, Mrs. Asifa has organized and conducted various workshops and in-service training programmes for teachers. An accommodating and versatile individual, she has proven her ability in problem solving, motivation and people management. A self-driven leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, she enjoys effectively collaborating with all levels of staff members and fostering quality relationships with students and parents.

Mrs. Asifa believes “Every child is special.” Hence a teacher should passionately strive to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of every child.

Mrs. Asifa lives in Sharjah with her husband and 11-year-old son. Her husband is delivering his services as Technical Manager in Engineering field. They have all enjoyed living in the UAE for the past 19 years. Mrs. Asifa enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and gardening in her spare time. Her favourite part about living in UAE is having so many incredible opportunities to travel and experience new places around this wonderful world!

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