Enjy Essam


Enjy Essam

SLT Associate

I’m Enjy, working in the educational field since I graduated from Alexandria University, as I have a Bachelor’s degree in Geography & Geographic information systems from the Faculty of Arts and a Higher Studies Diploma from the Faculty of Education, so I have about 10 years experience between my home country Egypt and my second home UAE.
I have been in different roles in my field starting with a teacher in Alexandria Schools, Al Jubilee Private School in Abu Dhabi, Al Rashidya Private School in Ajman, Sama American Private School in Sharjah, then my current career in BIPS School as a teacher of MSC B, HOD of Social Studies & Moral Education and member in the SLT Associate team.
My role is to make my teaching subject a bridge that the students can pass through it to real-life exploring the world and prepare them to have a shiny future with higher-order skills.
Also as a Head of Department, I am guiding my team to ensure that the students are getting a high level of learning to achieve outstanding attainment and progress.
I got the opportunity to perform another important duty in my career, as I had been a member of the exam control committee in Sama School reaching to be the Internal Exam Officer in Brilliant School.
My personal life also has an essential role in keeping me a balanced and positive person. Family, I have 3 daughters who are giving me all the inspiration that I need, my husband is working in Rak Bank as a customer service manager, so he is the first supporter of me and my career through his leadership skills that he is doing it already. Hobbies, I like swimming and cycling and doing it always to keep my mind clear and lusty.
I’m so proud of what I have done until now in my professions, hoping and striving for more development in the educational field which will affect positively all the stakeholders.
My main mission is to continue gaining my aims, solving any obstacles, and challenging any challenges.

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